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Our business consulting activity has received recognition by the world’s leading expert committees and research groups. This fact proves our leadership on the market of consulting. However, we strive for further growing and developing and are always open to cooperation.

Balindura has a large network, with thousands of experts, market researchers, global business partners, career developers, engineers and members of National Societies. We are guided by Strategy 2020 – our collective plan of action to provide innovative solutions, services and products which are challenges of the present decade. We will continue changing minds by focusing our work in three key areas. We have active life position. We deliver programming addressing and work in close collaboration with companies and clients to support their capacity and provide best products for their need. We promote the practical application of the Fundamental Principles. We support the integration of modern technology into small and large businesses and institutions. Our volunteering and youth networks contribute to cross-generational dialogue, bridge divides between religions and cultures, and quietly challenge discrimination wherever it is encountered. Beneficiary communications and accountability is about giving people a voice and empowering them to participate. Young people are actively involved in the work of our company at all levels. The basic task of logistics is the acquisition and delivery of requested supplies and services, at the places and times they are needed, whilst ensuring best value for money.